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Draft: Travis test

Travis Brown requested to merge travis-test into main

What to do before submitting a merge request

  1. Make sure to put the following author tag above all classes, and any significant function. It is encouraged to include detailed documentation.

     /// <summary>
     /// <b>Author: [YOUR NAME HERE]</b><br/><br/>
     /// further documentation summary for this thing...
     /// </summary>
     /// <remarks>
     /// put your musings/remarks here...
     /// </remarks>
  2. Remove dead code, commented code etc. If it is important enough to keep around, we can go back in the git history to get it.

  3. Do a code review with another individual, the goal is to minimize situations like: "Oh shoot! I forgot to add that one thing, I guess I gotta make another merge request". Consider keeping a checklist and make sure that everything is correct before even performing a code review.

  4. If you do not perform these steps beforehand and push the merge request anyways, then someone will have to waste their time and undo the merge and fix everything. Don't be that person.

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